NFL LINE UP 10.13.13



Football Sunday 1pm Games

Sound will be on Lions and Browns game

Please find your TV and take a seat where you can see your game. Each TV is numbered around the restaurant

Three TV’s Behind The Bar

Left TV- Steelers vs. Jets

Middle TV- Lions vs. Browns

Right TV- Bengals vs. Bills

Big Screen in Game Room- Steelers vs. Jets- SOUND IN GAME ROOM

  1. Rams vs. Texans
  2. Raiders vs. Chiefs
  3. Panthers vs. Vikings
  4. Packers vs. Ravens
  5. Lions vs. Browns
  6. Eagles vs. Bucs
  7. Steelers vs. Jets
  8. Bengals vs. Bills
  9. Lions vs. Browns
  10. Panthers vs. Vikings
  11. Packers vs. Ravens
  12. BASEBALL Tigers vs. Red Sox

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