About Nasty’s

The most asked Question about NASTY’s,

Why in the world would you name your restaurant NASTY’s?

The name is unique because it was our youngest son’s (Nathan) nickname given to him by his football team mates when he was a sophomore. He was not a dirty player, but when he played, he played lights out, downright NASTY as they would say and had several schools looking at him.

Our oldest son, John was a sophomore at “The Ohio State University”. Since all of our kids grew up with knowledge of the restaurant business as this was my career, John always talked about opening a restaurant called NASTY’s Sports Bar & Grill. With that being said the more I thought about it, the name had a nice edgy catchy ring to it. John wrote the business plan, had a commercial, and also came up with the menu ideas, and of course he and Nathan – aka – NASTY set the goal for having the 100 beer selection menu. Then his laptop was stolen from his college apartment and we basically would just talk about the idea.

A friend of mine knew of this site and also heard me talk about the boy’s idea of a Sports Bar idea they had that was called NASTY’s. And here we are. We opened in Hilliard Ohio on March 21, 2012, seven years later, made in America, Have fun and Feel the Energy at NASTY’s. Nathan worked hard to guarantee great food and service to our guests when he was here. We love this country and our NASTY friends here in Hilliard and thank you for your support. And now you know the rest of the story on why in the world would you name your restaurant NASTY’s.

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